Seema Kataria


I am Seema. I am an Artist. I love to express through my writing style in various ways which you’d notice on my blog.
I am a sports enthusiast. I’ve played a lot of sports and won a lot of Track and Field Events during my school days. Like all, I love Music, Movies and being a wanderlust. Always keep suggesting the good ones 🙂 I support and help depression victims.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts on my blog. There will be poems, articles, poetry and the likes 🙂

I’ve been a Photo Studio Coordinator, Reporter cum Editor in a newspaper daily, a copywriter to name a few of my jobs 🙂 My interests in the field of Media are varied. Honestly, a happy jack of all 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your likes and comments are always appreciated.
Follow my Instagram handle specifically for Poetry and pictures which is

Contact me if you want me to be the Ghost Writer for any of your articles or poems. Please give credits if you share or use any of my content. Tag me 🙂
Keep Smiling! Cheers 🙂


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