Can relationships be termed as Corrupt?

I’ve seen a lot a family disputes myself and even heard and read about them in large numbers. The world knows about political corruption. I am not talking about the political relationships here. But I was thinking that can give and take relationships be called as corrupt relationships? Can friendship with a reason or a [...]

Indian Women

I am not here to pity on their conditions and what they are going through or what they prepare themselves to go through. While the world talks about girl power, women empowerment, right to gender equality I really crave to understand the heart of Mothers. I mean yeah, well, god made you because he couldn’t [...]

Communication breakers

What kind of communication breakers you most often face while communicating? Think! Umm… ‘K’ still thinking? Hmmm… Alright revisit your chats. ‘Yes’ now you understood what I am trying to say. Most of my friends are married, have kids and some are planning to. We don’t often get to talk to each other because their [...]

100th Instagram Post

Well, when you score a century you thank people who helped you achieve it. People who motivated, guided, inspired and the ones who were a hurdle in this process. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I was in fifth grade when I started maintaining my collection of beautiful poetry from poets [...]