#33 Shayari

कुछ इस कदर इत्तेफ़ाक कर, की फिर एक नई मुलाकात कर. Wish you all a Very Happy Friendship's Day! May you all make more memories than before, laugh louder than ever before and stay forever till life goes. Enjoy and have a great day! Be Happy!

An antidote

"Writing is an antidote, for the wound, which made you speechless. Similar like the woods... The wounds are lovely, dark and deep, I've miles to go before I sleep.

Hug yourself

"Hug yourself one shoulder at a time, That's how you lean on your stronger self." Need someone to lean on? Make that someone yourself. Leaning makes others feel cared about, concerned enough, accepted as they are and loved as much as you feel these things for yourself. You can give when your basket is full. …

Book lovers

I rested and got inked. Impressions engraved forever. "Your life is a story, and you are an unpublished book," in my words. Every book leaves an impression and every character is your connection. Books are the best friends indeed.

Knowing comes then

What I've been through, you might have been too. Not a lot, but we know each other just as much. Empathy is when you can put yourself in other's shoes. And that is reciprocated when you've fallen into a similar situation. If not everything, you at least know them for this. Be Kind 🙂

Say no

"Denial and Rejection both are synonyms to 'NO' But the feeling isn't." It has been a struggle to learn to say 'No' to people or things that are paramount. Saying no to our loved ones or hearing no in return has also been hard to digest. We all come across denial of all sorts. And …

Life to me

Life to me... In happiness, loving and lively In sadness, aesthetic In anger, anxious and curious What is it like for you? Share in comments.


"I don't want all of them to come true, Some dreams were a nightmare." Thank god we don't have control over our dreams. In our dreams, the ones who are close seem closer to us all the time. What is fantasized in thoughts, turns into reality in the night. Dreams have their significance and everything …