A Cap

Call it a headgear, Won’t protect forehead dear, Certainly you can bang, Hold it tight don’t slam. Become a stud, a dude, or Shadow yourself from shine, Wear it playing music, Slide back, front or side. Propeller, Monmouth, Flat or Knit, Tints, hues, a palette won’t miss, Fury, wolly, classy, textured, Capscape is a wardrobe …


Anger – The destructive love

Her presence, when absent from thoughts, Sensuous aroma vibrated my balls, Her heart that resided in my soul, Notions of my poor love behold. Loved so much, that it hurts, Felt my bone, zapped my core, It's scarce, yet abundant in my veins, This her love, traveled sun and snow. It's in dreams that you …


Say what you wanna, Come closer to me and say, Wrap me around, Till it gets harder, say. Whisper in my ears, Mumble and play, I might not understand but, Till it gets over, say. Look deep in my eyes, Take away my breath, You hide, what I seek, Till its dawn, say.