That evening if my uncle, who is a doctor, had asked me to be happy because he will cure my grandpa's illness. Also, that my grandma should rejoice because her husband would come back to her, that would have been a miracle. If all the doctors of the hospital, my family and all relatives would …


#33 Shayari

कुछ इस कदर इत्तेफ़ाक कर, की फिर एक नई मुलाकात कर. Wish you all a Very Happy Friendship's Day! May you all make more memories than before, laugh louder than ever before and stay forever till life goes. Enjoy and have a great day! Be Happy!

Can relationships be termed as Corrupt?

I’ve seen a lot a family disputes myself and even heard and read about them in large numbers. The world knows about political corruption. I am not talking about the political relationships here. But I was thinking that can give and take relationships be called as corrupt relationships? Can friendship with a reason or a …