Happy Diwali!

What I’ve noticed that Diwali has been known for its lights. Our houses, markets, corporate buildings, and all across when you travel you’ll see decoratives and their whole new variety to grab as you stroll across streets. 

But to me, it has become a festival which helps us to ‘De-clutter’. You all are aware of how we prepare by cleaning or whitewashing our houses and surroundings. We focus only on things and less visited corners of the house. But what about ourselves? Aren’t we full of clutter? Our mind, our thoughts, our relationships and every area where we personally give an input seem buried under a think layer of dust. Dust of ego, selfishness, revenge, hatred, bias, etc.

We really don’t need this. Do you agree with me?

On this Diwali, I wish you all de-clutter your mind, heart, and soul. I wish you let go of the baggage. Allow the ray of hope, love, peace, friendship, togetherness, purity, human hood, success and abundance of prosperity to come into your lives.

May you all untangle those thoughts that pull you back and rejoice with your dear ones by being who you are and the best you can be.

To all my family, friends, readers, colleagues, far and near, I wish you a Very Happy and a prosperous Diwali 🙂 

God bless us all!


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