From me to you

If you plan to donate,
Make sure
you don’t just give them
the broken pieces.

Why should they go through an itch
every single day? And
it would be furthermore painful
when you won’t be there to say.
So, don’t leave them astray,
when you can tell them how and where?

Keep your donation note ready
Only to be read by
A new carrier of your heart.
Let them know, from the start
what it has pumped in each day,
How every moment was pumped out,
And they ain’t need to struggle,
there isn’t a set benchmark.

I am that heart-to-heart talk
Not those panic attacks,
Nor those triggered anxieties,
And also nobody to judge from afar,
Tell them the life of grief
has finally come to rest,
You’ve been torn, tested and
you’ll make the most of what is left.

Only moments of love and belongingness,
Days lived in happiness,
Let there be beauty back in life.
Oh! my dear heart,
I’ve attested a new address
Your search for the home,
Hopefully, now it ends.

Through you, I’d heal,
Through you, I’d wheel,
Through you, I’ll hear my laughter,
Through you, a new joy would be revealed.

Happy Heart Day!


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