Happy Teacher’s Day!

A few days back I was talking to someone where I had to write, “Where did you get stuck?”
My 1st message was sent as, “Where g…”
My 2nd message looked like, “Where did you get stucked?” And “Stucked” is not even a word. Above all, the keyboard I was using then popped with a message, add to the dictionary
I am not in a habit to correct my typos with a (*) sign. But I still asked if the person could understand my message.

This accounts for one reason which makes technology a boon as well as a bane. I’ve 3 different keyboards installed, all serving their purposes and at times making me aware that pen and paper work best for me. Lately, I’ve also noticed that there used to be a time when writing continuously for 3 hours in an exam or completing project files was the only moment when I felt pain in my palm for holding a pen in that position and exercising the muscles of my palm.

Today, when I write notes on my phone or record in a recorder I observe that writing for even half an hour or even an hour jammed my palm. Technological advancements have affected my palm strength. I remember one of my teacher she used to throw the pencil in the dustbin which almost turned into the size of my little finger. While I used to sharpen it and still use it by holding it firm.

When I buy stationery or even receive it as gifts from my siblings, I make sure I love the feel when I hold them in my hands. Today on Teacher’s Day I would thank all my teachers who made me realize how important it is to hold on to everything that feels good and gives you joy. And if it gives pain or stresses you in any way, like that little pencil, which not just made my fingers stiff but I bowed further down to see if it is not affecting my handwriting which increased the chances of error and disturbed my concentration. Similarly, it is okay to make mistakes, silly or huge. What’s important is to correct it. Learn from them, make amendments and move on. Laughing at your own mistakes is also a therapy I believe.

Thank you for these little things that you’ve taught me my dearest teachers. I’ve never been able to thank you enough and I would never be old enough to do that. I deeply admire and value your teachings and presence in my life. You’ve helped me understand that life will throw colorful blocks at me but as much as I’d enjoy the shades of it, I should always try to jump over them. And the ones I’m unable to, I should let go, I should trust my instinct and walk away. The purity of your love and strength is unmatched and I feel so blessed because of you.

Happy Teacher’s Day to you all.
Lots of love always!


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