Deep Recession

If it had been a quicksand,
I would have tried to pump,
But no, I couldn’t, as I was stung.
I couldn’t feel as carefree as a pig,
I don’t deserve this stinky lump,
I wanted to come up,
Yet I could only succumb.

My eyes are wide open,
I could swim, I will swim,
My guts still not downtrodden,
They say you never forget how to?
Although I feel tired,
But I’m not yet broken.

The heart was pleading,
But my mind didn’t bother,
I could only weep,
Mind still didn’t recede,
Why? Why? I screamed but none could care,
The echo of nothingness was burying me deep.

My tears sprinkle salt in this hard water,
Life ain’t a child’s play,
All eyes on the ripple as I crumble,
I am sinking down on my life,
Your help didn’t seem punctual,
What if you find me,
Float above this ruddle?


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