Eid means?

I hope you get the intensity of this message.
It was a telephonic conversation on his birthday. A day to rejoice and celebrate yourself. And I just happened to ask when is Eid? And it came out in this way 🙂

There is a reason we are asked to meet and greet everyone with kindness. Everyone is going through some troubles and trials in their lives. We should always observe their words and their actions. Treat others in the best way you can.

I wish you all a very Happy Eid al-Adha. Celebrate with your loved ones. Feast on your favorite meal, with your loved ones. Stay happy. Value others. You are precious to somebody. Make your loved ones feel it too. Spread love.

मैं: ईद मतलब?
तुम: ईद का मतलब है खुशी का दिन।
मैं: इसका मतलब हर दिन ईद है? 😊
तुम: हां, बिल्कुल!
अगर खुश हो तो हर दिन ईद है,
और नहीं, तो ईद के दिन भी ईद नहीं।


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