Seema has a Seema Ma’am

Love is just a word until felt. Care and concern never bring a smile until expressed. People come and go from our lives. While some stay and few stay hidden. They are not necessarily godfathers or mothers, but still, they are universally powerful and become our greatest blessing. Such is my teacher, Seema Malik Ma'am. …


#71 Shayari

हथेली पे जान रख दूं, उतना अज़ीज़ अब कोई है कहां? हर किसी को अनमोल महसूस करवाने की ख्वाहिश भी अब मर चुकी है ग़ालिब.

#70 Shayari

छोड़ गयी वो मुझे, जिसके साथ के सहारे, मैं बिना सांसो के भी जी लेता. Grandma I've all the reasons and all my silences to remember you. Not just today, but I remember you everyday. It is your love and values that give me hope for my every tomorrow. I hope I make you proud …