#54 Shayari

वो थाम ले हाथ हमारा, इस इंतज़ार में लगता है, हमने अपने ही हाथों को बरसों से नहीं छुआ.


It is XMAS!

One of the most brightest festivals and of course my favorite falls on 25th of December, Christmas. It's all about getting closer, being with your kin, playing, goofing around, never to be missed savouries and lots of presents. I have always loved gifting, especially on Christmas. Although people around me find it childish and a …

You’ll miss these words

When you’ll decline, Your nerves will feel the pressure, How lethargy ever soothes a soul? You’ll miss these words. The ending which felt ecstatic at once, The thunder beneath your skin would be such, When pace towards peace won’t find its cradle, You’ll miss these words. When cold feet tries to drag, Heart would pump …