In this temporary world of life and living only memories have a permanent spot in your brain, heart, mind and soul. Unless of course you are not suffering from Amnesia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Life is the only Thor which makes you strong as its hammer. The only batman, whose intuitions and gut became its Robin. Memories are the Hulk who can either devastate your life or turn it into a Fairyland. Choice is the ‘only ours’ in life.

Human beings are the audience of your life. So, they by default become your unloving critics, uninvited and unwelcome guests. Then there are some you decorate your houses for and embrace their presence in your life. But how can that stay always. Nothing lasts forever.

I am not discussing separation cos of death. Death is inevitable. But separation long or short in relationships pulls our strength trigger and hence mood storms, anxiety, restlessness, depression all these guests start banging our door.

The funniest part is when those best relationships use their super power to make us forget our previous mishaps and personalize our future by giving us something new to fall apart.

But, what about memories? Did they take those with them? NO. Did they ever bothered again to check how you must be feeling? NO. You can tear away the cards, the letters, throw away the mugs, gift the stuffed bear to kids but what about your photographs? Tear them, delete them, get your hard disk or memory cards and even phone go on a factory reset. Don’t hear the songs you dedicated to them. Don’t think of them when you go to their favorite hangout place, or cook their favorite meal. All of it is possible.

But it leaves you shattering. What once got carved on heart and synced with the beats of our heart, stays there forever, no matter for how long you keep your eyes shut or try to go in deep sleep.

So, rather than choosing to walk on thorns, embrace the petals you saved between the pages of your diary. Live on.
Love more. Be Happy because it happened 🙂

In my words,
“Now that every memory is limited to photographs,
She became a thing to love.”

Sending love to all.


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