I love you

The care you have showered,
The love you have expressed,
My heart, you immobilize,
My breath you cease with just one touch.

Do you feel the love with same intensity,
I don’t want any more of you, I say,
But the next moment, you make me,
Fall in love with you all over again,
Is it same way I make you feel too?

Am I the one with whom you love to be with?
Do u feel the same way, I feel for you?
Am I the one with whom you want to be with, more and more?

And want the time to stop and make us motionless?
And my holding you answers you back,
Your voice makes me fall for you more, for you more.

The way your hands cover me,
I don’t want to be re-formed.
The care….

I Love You.

PS: I wrote this poem in 2010, and forgive me for not posting it since. It is special because it was my first attempt to turn a poem into a song. My friend Anika composed and sang it. I hope I make that song available to you guys soon. Till then Chao 😉


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