Struggled through

Today, who doesn’t know that reality shows are scripted? Our idiot box showcases everything from the most stupid and the most knowledgeable content you can think of. But what we choose to watch in our free time is a different topic altogether.

Reality Dance shows and Singing shows are entertaining. I don’t know about the procedure or the ample amount of time the makers devote to find such a great talent in singing and dancing but they do a great job. Winning and losing is again not a topic of discussion here.

So what is? Well, every time I watch a glimpse of such shows what actually keeps me hooked are the stories of their struggle to find a place on such a huge platform. Financial crunches, lack of family support, not allowed to leave his/her parents (mostly the case with girls), or such similar aftermath which make life a struggle.

When life seems to roll the dice and puts us on edges, we get sharpened. We have incredible energy and strength within but most of the times we get ignorant about it. I am also one of them. When I was young my positivism, cheerfulness, my daring and bluntly honest attitude used to be my strength. Even today, I do possess these, but they are somewhere hidden in an opaque area with a dim light which needs to flash before it’s too late.

When people on reality shows are asked to narrate their stories of struggle and what they sacrificed to reach where they are today, I get emotional. Yes, it touches me. My eyes get teary. It happens only because you connect with their stories. And not that you have a choice to act deprived of the emotions. They leave their families, fight with their parents, run from their houses or they get tired of the time they are spending on doing something they never wanted to do because, their dream is calling. They find their purpose. They find their inspiration, something that makes them happy and everything that gives them life. Their life gets a new meaning.

Even if it is a way to raise the TRP of the show or to showcase how talented people are in different parts of the country and the world, we always have a story to share and that story comes from your struggle. The inspiration comes from your struggle. Meanwhile, the celebrations of success or being a known face or coming on television are definitely there. But what made it possible, a never giving up attitude. Neither on self nor your dreams.

Your dedicated efforts to achieve your goals in life and to fight alone because you preserved that dream from all the mediocre minds who didn’t believe that you can do it. That dream, which awaits your efforts seems to be calling.

In my words,
“Struggle is what gets inked.
Success its color.”


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