Oh god, that I am not

I got a call from a friend after almost two years. She was furious, her language was abusive and she had lost her calm at that moment. In that heated argument she said one thing which struck my chords, "You are not god. Don't try to be one." When I was young, I was told …


#43 Shayari

ज़रा थाम ही लो हाथ, के आइना सच कहता है, खुशनुमा है ज़िन्दगी, मुस्कुरा के दोनों से कहता है.

A smile’s power that empowers

Not just silence but a smile is overmuch too. How often than not we are told to be kind to everyone, because everybody is going through some sort of battle in their life. No matter how big or small but hindrances are real. How easily we lie to our friends with this statement, "I'm fine." …