Until anger pores in

The seed always grows.
The weeds will always accompany.
The weed is the anger.
Where seed is compromised.

We are always taught the art of sharing and how sharing can make the bond healthier. In years to come, we never realize when it starts turning into a compromise. Exchanging stuff with sisters or brothers (ofcourse clothes if they fit), following the rituals without even knowing the reason behind it or if you like them or not, fulfilling every little need of the little ones even when they don’t seem bothered about yours, when you are ready for marriage erase good looks or location or education or appearance because nobody is perfect, to follow something blindly because they are your values until you get smart to differentiate between core values, hypocrisy, double standards and what will other people think. Just because we have done it, the world has done it, you should do it too. That’s how the cycle of a human life works.

Being over sensitive to certain situations Shiren was about to fall in the quicksand of depression. Sometimes she would argue, but a lot of times she remained silent. Silence has numerous interpretations so she left it to that. She started to feel the rage which could destroy her life and her family’s. To help her come out and gather strength to see the world as a beautiful place again I asked her to dig deep into herself. “If whatever you compromised on earlier is the only reason that is making you angry and if it is no longer essential to practice further, just say no and stop doing it. This might come as a surprise to many, as they were casual about your needs. It is needless to waste energy on situations which are already under your control.”

Ever noticed why we utter those words or feelings (which we didn’t earlier) only when we get furious on someone? Why we stop ourselves even at the cost of inhaling the poison which we know we can’t live with longer? Because we are made to believe that the moment of rage has the power to destroy everything in the relationship. So, we willingly hurt ourselves. There we compromise. Anger is a very strong emotion which most likely makes us repent in the future. Always try to make communication the strength of your relationship. In this way, you would be sharing who you are as a person. When you know someone well, the need of compromising also gets compromised 🙂 Strengthening a bond comes at a price and that is devoting time.

Whatever that makes you angry but you still do it, you compromise. Thus, anger bursts in. It eventually turns all past positive intentions futile. Prioritize knowing yourself. Only then can others ever be able to know you for who you are. First stands for yourself because others won’t. If you don’t step up to eradicate the weed, the seed never flourishes.
One simple sweet lessons at a time. (We smiled and she left)


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