#35 Shayari

गर कलम नुकीली है, तो कटाक्ष तो कसेगी ही, बयान मोहब्बत भी करेगी, इसलिए थम-थम के चलेगी.


In the midst, when we are stuck on a certain someone, for some moments who get close, for some years who were together, we get nostalgic. Physically distant but minds still attracted. You never know if they think of you or you've been trashed out completely. But you always hope they do. Even though you …

#34 Shayari

तजुर्बे से सीखे की किसी का साथ छूटना सबसे आसान है, क्योंकि उनको पाने की चाह तो फरियाद से भी पूरी ना हुई.

#33 Shayari

कुछ इस कदर इत्तेफ़ाक कर, की फिर एक नई मुलाकात कर. Wish you all a Very Happy Friendship's Day! May you all make more memories than before, laugh louder than ever before and stay forever till life goes. Enjoy and have a great day! Be Happy!

Tamed or Obliged?

I often observe in relationships, that they make time to return favors. A lot of times they do that during special occasions and/or as needed. If we take help from some political leader or somebody of authority, we return favors in cash or by giving them expensive gifts during Diwali. Not just that even in …

#32 Shayari

वो शब्द ही कहां, जिन्हें मैं शब्दों में पिरो सकूं, जो महसूस वो शब्द करा गए...