Can relationships be termed as Corrupt?

I’ve seen a lot a family disputes myself and even heard and read about them in large numbers. The world knows about political corruption. I am not talking about the political relationships here. But I was thinking that can give and take relationships be called as corrupt relationships? Can friendship with a reason or a motive be termed as corrupt? Corruption to me is an exchange of a necessity between people or parties. Like today, apart from the three basic necessities Food, Clothing and Housing, Money is the fourth but the strongest of all the three necessities.

Is exchange of dowry between two families (in better words, parents gift to their daughter) is the beginning of a corrupt relationship? I don’t know if the bride’s family buys the self-respect of the groom or you make any joke out of it, but does it kind of corrupt the relationship of marriage? If a husband is not physically satisfied by his wife and chooses to go to the brothel because he knows that, that woman in there will provide him with utmost satisfaction or else she won’t be paid. As this barter here becomes a necessity for both. Can a win-win situation corrupt relationships? Likewise, when a women chooses to do the same, she might not go somewhere rather call for one such service in her hotel room, probably as friends or relatives. Apart from calling such people corrupt minds, is the disrespect and disloyalty in the relationship be termed as corruption?

Not just this, people have moved away from the thought of staying in a joint family to live in nuclear families. The reason, money and property seemed more attractive than the peace and love in that relationship, however old. When any of the two brothers unite, the third is treated like the dust under the feet. And no one takes a notice of it. In simple words, the rich is getting richer and the poor, poorer. I am talking in terms of values that degrade in the relationship. But the essence is, only money. Everyone is running behind it. Money is everything. Money changes the mind, and rules the relationship. Some do it out of adversities, some out of pleasure or self-interest and a lot only for money. Because if you don’t have it, nobody respects you, you are only one number in the population of billions. Everyone wants to be famous, to be known. And if you don’t have it, you are just nothing. Not even a human being or not at all an individual. That is true. After all, how many of you can name one beggar on the street you cross every day at work? I know, no one can. Even I can’t. But you do know the richest in your State, City, Country and even the World. I don’t even remember them. Not because I’ve a bad memory but because they never happen to touch my life. They are nothing to me. Not a part of my life, probably a number to me. But, I do remember the ones who touched my life, in the smallest of ways, which meant something to me and I will remember that. Dreaming to become the richest on the cost of losing everything makes me the beggar and you can laugh at it. Doing night shift at work, not being with your wife when she is about to deliver your baby, when you blame age or a disease or even science because they couldn’t save your loved ones even after spending your whole worth, and so on, are the fruits of corruption. However sweet or sour, everyone enjoys this lemonade.

A lot would still say that Money can’t buy happiness but it is more comfortable to cry in a Limo or a Merc than on a bicycle or an auto rickshaw. Well, guess what money only leaves you with such things. If you are not nurturing life of your loved ones or even yourself by giving them time, you regret it on your own death-bed, and that makes it no different from those you dream to be like. You all are trying to be someone else except yourselves. So, how can you expect something rich like happiness which comes from within or from the people you believe are your own.

We all need quick results. Everything should arrive at just a click. Materialistic happiness or satisfaction comes with an expiry date and so does our lives. The only difference is former can be achieved either by hook or crook but for the latter you need sincere dedication (which is hard and being corrupt is way easier).


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