Indian Women

I am not here to pity on their conditions and what they are going through or what they prepare themselves to go through. While the world talks about girl power, women empowerment, right to gender equality I really crave to understand the heart of Mothers. I mean yeah, well, god made you because he couldn’t be everywhere but that doesn’t mean you are not a human. You physically cannot be omnipresent. You are super women in many ways but why do you literally take the word ‘SUPER’. You are great at multitasking and hands down to this trait. But don’t you think it is only you who has made other family members crippled and go back on their responsibilities to perform their basic duties. Especially your children and also often your husband.

Mom, can you hand me a glass of water?
I’ve packed fresh fruits in your lunchbox son, don’t forget to eat it. I’ve taken out the seeds of watermelon. Happy now?
Is the dinner ready Darling? I’ve a meeting at 9 PM. I’ll just go wash my hands till then, can you serve the meal on my plate because I am getting late. And also please cut the mango for me.
Mom, set an alarm for 5 AM, I need to go for practice.
Mom, Chapatti. Mom, I forgot to take a spoon. Mom this, Mom that. The list is endless.

Apart from this, you ask her to arrange your school bags, your sports kit. I mean she already has a routine list and her personal list. Personal, which is mostly ignored. Other extra bits which randomly fall during the day. I mean is this life? I need an answer if you call her a mom, a wife, a daughter-in-law or simply a maid. Do you really get married for this? Only because you think, this is what she was born to do. Are you going to give this life to your daughters? You gave your sperm so that you can see how great a family servant your daughter proves to be in future? And this would sound prestigious to you? Seriously? And later you blame her 40s, its Menopause. WOW!

Couple of months back when I met my school friends, one of them shared the same kind of incidence. I felt so proud that I have friends who dare to stand for what is right. There are ways to do a certain thing and she chose to tell her mom (in-law) that she shouldn’t spoil her son, who by the way is a grown up man now and is being treated like a baby. I definitely not look like a mother of two, who seems to have a time maintaining that perfect figure.

Mothers you have no idea how much you mean if you are being called by that name. You are simply giving away the gift of life, which itself is a gift to you. Rather than hearing in a speech from your children or your husband that, “It is because of my Mother/Wife that I am standing here and could achieve this.” Please stand up to your living. That is not the statement to just roll out your tears. They are nothing without you. I am not saying take that for granted because affairs and numerous marriages do happen. But turn them responsible for their actions. Today they are doing to you, tomorrow they will do to their wives unless they find someone strict who is not a pampering mother but has the guts to make him understand what a wife is.

Nurturing can get you praise as well as blame. Choice is totally yours.


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