Communication breakers

What kind of communication breakers you most often face while communicating? Think! Umm… ‘K’ still thinking? Hmmm… Alright revisit your chats. ‘Yes’ now you understood what I am trying to say. Most of my friends are married, have kids and some are planning to. We don’t often get to talk to each other because their lives are full of responsibilities and we cannot deny that. Even if you are living with your husband, you as an individual need to look around everything evenhandedly. If you live with in-laws then the household work more than doubles. Above all if you have kids, you are 24*7 bang on, on duty.

I usually get their messages in the afternoon when they take their kids for a nap or else at night after their kids have fallen asleep. Mostly around 1:30 or 2 AM, I receive a forwarded message or a screenshot which they most often share with me. Mostly I read them when I wake up (that’s one of the luxuries of being single, sleep at any time) 😉
During festivals getting wishes from them makes me think like they must be in the loo or everyone in their family has gone for some Puja which maybe she is not allowed to attend. If I read and reply, we get to talk for a minute or two as she would have her other friends to get in touch with at the same time. If I happen to ask couple of questions in that moment, I’ll get an answer for one or none, it totally depends, but if my brain responds slow and I happen to type a general everyday statement, Oh Dear! The communication is over with a ‘hmmmm’ or a ‘k’. Mostly it ends with a Hmmmmm… Without wasting a second more it is always better to go offline. There won’t be any further messages. These are symbols of being uninterested and unimportant in the topic of communication. Goodbye till you find something to catch their attention folks.

I don’t know who is to be blamed here. Is it that my friends have responsibilities and I don’t maintain a calendar at all? Or deny it as much as you can, your message wasn’t important, because even the most silliest were/are responded to when it comes from someone special. Or you’re taken for granted by saying, “It is you dude, we can’t do that to them. You understand.” Well, this attitude is probably never understood. It is like saying, ‘I am fine’, when you’re not.

I am not as much social as I used to be, but that has nothing to do with fake people and fake love. A lot of incidences in my life taught me to let go people off my life. As that brought goodness in mine. You might have done it as well. But with the ones you are closely knit give them time, if you really need from them. Otherwise you won’t be left around people you want to hold onto. Time flies, and fades the bond. Excuses, reasons, lies and cooked up stories never ever save up the shit of trouble your mind and heart go through. The fun in communication between friends and closed ones will always be understood, but disrespect and the attitude of being taken for granted won’t. When you need them, they are expected to be there. Listen to the reasons for their absence, and then conclude. At times they genuinely couldn’t. Communication gaps kill the relationship, no matter how strong you think it is. It totally makes a passage for others to enter but worst it distances you from them. Nobody judges you over your late replies but if the habit persists it might as well do. We are as close as we are separated. Blame the technology if you might. A forced communication is derogatory. And silence is the fruit it bears.
As they say, if you’ve been maintaining a great friendship, distances never matter. Technology and apps might have made it easier for you to forget the voice of your friends or cousins or others if you continuously chat for hours but the power of voice and hearing the same things from them in person or through phone creates a magic in itself. Keep it alive. Don’t just go with shorthand keys, respond to stay linked in each other’s heart.

Be Happy!


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