Chemo it is Cancer

Someone from our own family, extended family, friends or even if it is our colleague Cancer scares everyone. Wish it was the zodiac sign so you can have a delicious meal but rather, it makes every meal taste malicious. Medical science is continuously striving to come up with cancer vaccines or survival treatments but till it reaches to every victim they either fail to survive or die fighting it.

My grandma suffered from Lymph cancer. Till the time we could diagnose it, it had already started spreading to the lymph nodes. Earlier she was given Radiation therapy and apart from getting its benefits we were witnessing its drawbacks. I was closest to her so that pain was always visible. She had ulcers all over in her mouth. Eating was the most difficult task of the day for her. I used to cry seeing her struggling to have her meal.

When she was diagnosed with Cancer nobody in the family told me about it. Yes, I was too weak to handle it. It was about someone I was living for and that someone was struggling to survive each day. Before I left for work my mom told me about it and I went in shock. I felt nothing for a moment, it was all blank. While she was going through the Chemotherapy she was unaware of the disease she was suffering from. But my grandmother was very intelligent. She had seen people on television who suffered from Cancer and saw their treatment procedure. Gradually the patients suffering from it start losing their hair, they look pale, get weaker and as much will power they put in to live their life, if the disease has to win, it wins over a human life. Sadly, but very soon I lost my grandma.

A couple of days back I was listening to a Facebook live from Rujuta Diwekar, A Celebrity Nutritionist. She is the only one I follow for being nutritionally aware. While she was on the go about Mango myths, food systems, etc. Somebody from the viewers asked a brilliant question to her. How to lessen the impact of Chemotherapy on the cancer patient? I wish I had asked her the same question four years back. Chemotherapy heats our body to kill the cancerous cells. The intensity differs as per every patient but she mentioned three things which were tried and tested on her clients who were going through the same.

The patients of chemotherapy should include Rose Petal Preserve (Gulkand), Buttermilk with Asafoetida (Chaas with Hing) and Ghee should be rubbed on their feets. The Rose Petal Preserve acts as a natural coolant to curb the heat whereas, Buttermilk with Hing will help in their digestion process. Ghee will calm their nerves and help them relax. There will be a complete document that will be shared by her on what to include in the diet of patients fighting cancer which I will share with you once she publishes it. Before consuming just check if you are not allergic to any of the above mentioned things or else never suggest it and risk their lives further.

To all your near and dear ones who are fighting with this monstrous disease please be strong and become their strength. This is the least I could do for you all. Hope you take its benefits and share as much as you can to help heal somebody’s pain. Wish you health.


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