Colorless white

White is colorless, Until you paint the canvas colorful. I remember when one of my tanned skin, a very close friend and an awesome human being once commented on our selfie, "My skin splashed colors in our picture otherwise your skin is just white." Likewise when I see a canvas, I wish that he finds …



If it's important you'll know, If it isn't you'll hear. Gossip girls, guys and society all have stories to share. You know your kin, don't try to fit in every where you go. Stay where you belong, and don't worry if you end up in your own arms. What matters is your peace and a …

International Yoga Day

Health and Fitness can prove to be your Happily Everafter. Loyalty is luxury. It is required by all, but provided by some. I don't know about others,but you deserve it. Your mind, body and soul deserves it. Happy International Yoga Day to all. Forever Healthy. Forever Happy.