Your kid has a story to tell – Part 2

I don’t know if it’s me who is happier or my niece is when she is with me. You can never feel old or less energized when you are surrounded by your little munchkins. It was 9:30 in the evening and I was done with my dinner, when suddenly my niece wished to have a train ride. She loves that sound I make of engine whistle, the slow sudden start and the fast pace of the train. I asked her to sit on my lap, and she enjoyed the way Indian railways make us feel like a moving pendulum.

Next she wanted to sit on a horse, I made the tapping sound and moved both my thighs while simultaneously took care of balance. She totally enjoyed her anytime horse ride. Next she wanted to sit on an elephant. Now this giant, heavy animal moves very slow but its impact is strong. So, first I had to take care of my grip to hold her tight. Then I started wiggling and waggling to give her the exact same feeling what an elephant gives us. At least I tried my best doing it.

Now when her perfect carnival visit was about to get over she said I want to travel on a ship. I wished she asked me to take her on a flight, as that was easier and I would have easily taken her, but ship? She again said, “Take me on a ship.” I stood up and started walking. She said where are you going? And in all excitement she said, “Do we have a ship at home? Are we getting dressed to go on a ship?”

I said no. This is how you feel when you are on a ship. It keeps moving and you move with it. Even though you don’t feel it but you still reach wherever you are destined to.

That moment struck a beautiful observation in me about life. Life won’t ever stop because we have remained still. It moves on, just like the ship. It sails through oceans, storms, icebergs, falls and reaches its destination. And even when it is sailing smooth, it is moving. Why we always want a certain situation or a problem or our busy schedule to help us realize the pace of our lives. Even when we are contend, sitting idle or living in peace we should be wise enough to know that life has happened. It sails through. Doesn’t matter if you are aware or unaware.


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