Ego and Intolerance

How I came up with this idea?
When I observed how introverts, extroverts, egoists, wise and hilarious people reacted to social media comments, I was forced to put forward my views. How bothered they seem towards the comments posted by their friends (specially) and family on social platforms Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In college we had to submit a dissertation as our final year project. I chose this topic, “Perception of females regarding personal responses on social media.” From personal responses I meant, comments which were specifically targeted to a single person. It is true that these days we listen or read only to respond and not to observe and understand. Likewise, six years ago I witnessed a social media havoc between my classmates. It was a simple expression of thought from one of my friend which led to unnecessary exaggeration by others.

While people argue, they forget about the speech being used, the words being uttered, the tone used and how they ignite fire in other mutual friends who by no means have any idea as to what they are supporting and fighting for. In such a situation, many wise groups would only observe. Today commenting and interacting to our favorite celebrities is quite convenient. But still the nuisance creators are everywhere. When they get blocked, they mock those celebrities even more. As if doing that will turn them into a celebrity. You should be strong enough to laugh on yourself, that might account to your character strength but letting anyone down just for fun, only talks about your weak self esteem. What makes you intolerant are your self doubts, anxieties, life experiences and the less known facts about your own strengths and understanding of human nature. No other person you get encountered with is the same individual. And neither should be your perception. If we expect others to be kind, you should be the first one to shower kindness on others. Why you expect the world to be good to you when you can’t spread the goodness within you in the world. If you feel empty, fill yourself first. Nobody believes in doing charity for the strangers or the less known anyway.

A lot of girls and boys answer back on social media because they know what they are fighting for and they can keep the argument healthy unless, you enter into their intricate spaces. Trouble only comes then. Men and women can be equally strong and weak, mentally. So either help each other grow by contributing positively and supporting wholeheartedly or else stay away and don’t make a fool of yourself. There is no comparison between anybody, but a mission to join hands and to move forward in unison for a better living. Human beings are sensitive by nature, and how empathetic you are towards others will make you better person in your own eyes. Your eyes, your heart and your soul demands consistency from you and not society. Never forget being human, to humans, that should be ‘THE PURPOSE.’ BE GOOD. DO GOOD.


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