Your kid has a story to tell…

Every evening my two and a half year old niece Saanvi goes to the garden with her mom and sister. Where mom is busy with her friends taking her walk, both the sisters enjoy their time going up and down on the swing. Children have a very innocent mind which grasps everything it witnesses. Likewise Saanvi thought that swings in the garden are only meant for kids, Paa’s and Maa’s don’t do swings, especially not in the garden.

Next morning, while I was taking up on my exercising ritual, Saanvi entered in my room at the very moment when I started with my five Tibetan Rights. And this is what she interprets.

First Tibetan Right: While I was taking my circular motions, Saanvi clapped and started turning around. “I also want to dance”, She said. 🙂

Second Tibetan Right: As I lied down, I moved my head and legs up, Saanvi started laughing as if she was getting butterflies in her stomach. To her, my coming up and going down was same as that on a swing. “I also want to sit on this swing”, she said. Hearing this, a smile came up on my face. Before getting started with my third I sat to hear her garden swing stories. How amazingly these children find contentment in everything they see. Such innocence which a lot of parents forget to notice and cherish as they get extremely occupied in their daily home chores.

Let your child share their wonderful observations with you before bedtime or during anytime of the day. They can give you the most unimaginable insights to see the world. This world which is more beautiful if you see through them. Like my little niece Saanvi observes and shares that, elders have to create their own swings at home because the ones in the garden are only for cute kids like her.
Also, Simhasana yoga pose will give her so much strength which in turn would help her to tame her stuffed toy leo 😉

If this puts a smile on your face, increase your face value everyday. Sit with your little munchkins and hear what they have to share with you. Their stories are meaningful and a perfect delight which soothes your heart. Be that parent.


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