Serious Vs a Joking Relationship?

If we go by present time dictionary meaning, then those relationships we make fun of behind our back are joking relationships and the ones we are absolutely firm about to hold close till eternity are serious relationships. Well according to me, the ones when the options end and the search to find a certain someone no longer excites is called a serious relationship and the one when your eyes keep rolling on every other butt, breast and a bar is a not so serious relationship.

Relationships are vested on the same grounds whether it is with family, friends, spouse or children. The bricks that we put at the start tells everything about how healthy your bond would be. And integrity is what it takes to get a lifelong hold on it. A lot of them are simply enjoying whether married (unless you are caught) or single (unless you are caught). If we are said to be social animals then why do we suddenly behave like stray dogs and cannot behave like the tamed ones. They serve their masters and protect them. But we do the opposite. We break everything that has the power to build us. Relationships are about contributing in someones life to help them grow and in return you get a strengthened bond. It is not about doing something so in return you get to share the bed with them. Is it that sexual pleasure is not so easily been given to you which makes you crave it from everyone you catch a sight with? Is it the only thing you have a relationship for?

No one ever questions a girl why you are still a virgin at 30 or if she says that she is a one man women. You can smile or grin on the statement and a lot of them will roll eyes because of all their man-made or self-made relationship rules. Everyone just wants you to get married and have a family and have a life. Why? Is being single a curse to the living or a curse on the parents? No one knows, or has forgotten or don’t even wanna understand what it takes to build a healthy relationship. Being an old soul you might find it difficult to connect to people and see what’s in the depth of that iceberg. But unless you do, it is better to stay away from ruining any relationship and be the reason behind broken hearts.

The best social media advantage is you stay connected with everyone. Even though you don’t talk to everyone everyday you still know if your friends need your congratulations or they need to be consoled. In this monetary living lifestyle, I have left a lot of jobs because I couldn’t love what I was doing. It felt like this is not what I wanted to do but my resume will raise a lot of questions for the same. And if I say I am still connected to my friends from nursery and also with teachers who didn’t even teach any subject to me but I still maintain a rapport with them, you’ll find it an unimportant mention.

Our human values are disappearing. Our principles and self-respect is degrading. The ones who are raising voices are the only ones in the count. That count isn’t increasing. As one Spanish writer rightly said, “Tell me what company you keep and I’ll tell you what you are.” Doesn’t this states about who you really are? Your exterior company is secondary to who you are as a human being. You spend the maximum life with yourself. Dug deep within and find answers to what kind of a person you are. What people might think of you if they have you as their company? It is never too late to improve yourself. Just contribute to a better living and a healthy social life.


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