Is turning 30 really scary??

Wow I never thought I would ever be writing this. But in less than a week I will turn 30. But you know what, like for some people it definitely is scary seeing those white hair, losing soft supple skin, age of extra skincare unfolds else wrinkles will definitely be visible by couple folds. For girls who are still single and still living with parents, Oh god, spoiler alert but more melodramatic marriage lessons on their way. Biological clock runs tick-tock.

Turning 30 sounds super fun to me. It feels like breaking all the shackles and doing things which only remained in my head or were just a crazy, stupid wish. Though in my wardrobe probably nothing would change. I would rather own couple of more lululemons and tees but that is it. Comfort has always been a priority. But yes I started pampering myself more. I exercise regularly and also included couple of nutritious doses for the same reason. It is time that I decide to prioritize myself and my happiness. Ofcourse, everybody will roll their eyes on me but that’s okay, I am beautiful and I can’t change it.

Still haven’t achieved what all I thought about. But I never forget to get inspired by people like Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, and so many others who did make their name after their 30’s and few even in their 40’s. So it is okay to be slow and steady. I just don’t wanna stop in the middle. I want to keep moving. It is going to be my time now. Life would be getting happier, healthier and so much more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Most important of all is never give up on your hobbies and interest. EVER. Those little things can be anything from sports to music to cooking to photography to sketching to travelling to writing or to whatever. If helping others enriches your soul then help more. But just like giving up on your boyfriend or girlfriend or friendships feels like hell. The same is the feeling of your soul when you give up on what you love to do. Age is just a number, not a life deciding factor. Birthday would be another day and will come again every year so that we never forget to celebrate ourselves. Something that can turn a bad day into better. Something that can turn a frown into a smile.
With the increasing age just keep adding more of goodness in your own soul. Your skin would feel flawless and heart would again feel like that notorious kid. Nothing should have the power to change the person you are. Because you are no other. So, whatever age it is just feel young through doing what makes your heart happy and soul enchanting.

Have a wonderful life! Keep that smile 🙂


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