I was asked, what would be my speech like if I retire today?
Well, I smiled and I was obviously surprised because when you are just going to be like 30 and have not much of an exposure to the practicalities of life and then you are asked what it would be like to slam the door to the world. WOW! My first thought was who would even care. But ya it still kinda excited me, so here it is…

Today being my last day in the professional world or better to say last day to work for someone else only to earn some money, finally ends. Have I become more patient by being associated with weird kind of clients that I dealt with?? Nah! Because my parents say and so do a lot of people that this generation lacks Patience and that accounts to me as well. Honestly I feel I could have never been this patient ever before. I am not blaming my clients but to other external factors that contribute a lot in my living. Also the fake people who constituted to a lot of undue importance and wasted a lot of my growing years and drained my energy which I could have put to some very fruitful outcomes.
And to top it all being single at this age is a taboo not just for the society but parents too because they are driven by it. But I would thank all of them today. It was those people who made me realize that real growing up doesn’t come up with my birthday that falls every year. Real growth is not by the people who applaud you or motivate you to perform better because you are talented. Real growth is not about getting married at the right age and have a family before your biological clock’s battery stops running. Real growth is only provided by the real people around you. The people you choose yourself, are gifted to you or you end up with. They show you what it is to grow.
In a very simple world the world lives a complicated life created of its own accord. Everybody is so unreal towards reality. Everyone is living like someone else and for someone else. We get one life and who will live it for you if you won’t? Who will be happy if you won’t? Who do you nominate for living your life? That’s the question which we fill in our bank account forms, right? Do not worry about your money people will use your money. If no one else, then at least banks will use it. Everybody is waiting to get real only at their death beds. Why are you scared of living? Who is society to judge you anyway? People will comment on me as well that I retired so early probably my father would have left me millions and billions and why would I even care to earn now. Let’s retire and live the life of my dreams. Then live it!
Well, people will talk because commenting is easy. They will abuse you, threaten you or make it worse by controlling it. Alas! it is you who suffers. You as an individual. But they know you just that much. I will thank my parents for never understanding me and my dreams and aspirations which made me very strong. It is always easy to become a Father but it takes a lifetime to become a Dad. I’ll always be grateful to my grandparents for nourishing my soul with the core values I still live by. The values which make me Less Human and More Being.

Real growth is what happens at every second of your life. It is this very breath you are taking. I take complete conviction in the choices I made and also my actions. For I believe that this has to be my last and final time on this beautiful planet with some great lessons to take up with me and being the most favorite student of life. Retiring from the professional world will have its reasons. But no reason will ever satisfy you when “Life retires from life itself.”

Thank you!


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