Pile of Emotions!

Emotions should be like free flowing water in the stream and not like the burning lava inside a sleeping volcano, whose alarming effects can totally disrupt the strongest of relationships. I hope you never forget human relations are made of a few key ingredients. Trust, respect, understanding, honesty, friendship, transparency in communication, and a little less ego are some of them. On the other hand, there are some which rupture the healthiest of relations and eventually lead to a relationship breakup. Self obsession, lies, hiding or not being transparent, bad communication skills, over indulgence, disrespecting or making fun of choices, and ego clashes.

How many times we say what we mean and hide what should be said? Almost all the time until there comes a time when as harsh as it may sound but you burst out and say what should be said and what is right. Probably the only time when you actually believe honesty is the best policy. Then why you don’t say it when it occurs? Why do you wait for that burst out? Why to keep anger or hatred in your heart for years against the people you call your own? Just because you think you can hurt somebody or get carried away while expressing the positive emotions so you leave those emotions unsaid and unexpressed. It can for sure never strengthen your relationship but it will create a passage between you two which is, distance. You two might not talk about that time or revisit it in your memory but someday some third person travels through the same passage and widens it. Sadly, unless you realize it gets very difficult to jump on the side where you once found togetherness.

Just like they say ‘mauke par chauka maarna’, the same stands perfect when you try to be expressive. Mostly when the time has passed you face a very awkward situation wherein you fall prey to those hidden good or bad emotions and express about the times you are not even fighting for at that very moment. The situation gets out of control and breaks you apart. Think of the time when you last hugged your best friend with whom you broke up years back and suddenly meet at a friend’s wedding. Forget hug, did you guys caught a glimpse of each other or just crossed by like strangers on the street. Take whatever relationship you find the closest, just re-think I am talking about the closest, in case you have forgotten take a look at all the above mentioned ingredients, and check for yourselves if you are doing justice to yourself, that person and then that relationship?

Being expressive is your strength, I am not asking you to hurt people by being brutally honest, which I turn into at times 😉 But say in a polite manner or tell them in writing if you are not very good at expressing verbally and let them read it in front of you. If it is harsh, it will hurt them but, at least then you would be able to talk, discuss and fix the issue. It strengthens the bond and that person will find a good listener in you who they can turn to in times of need. Just talking about bringing the best in a person won’t count unless; you put in efforts to work towards the same. It won’t require much efforts just be mature to take a stand for yourself and your relationships. Situations will always be different, circumstances can get challenging but never give up. Stand up for what you believe and express whatever your heart feels. They are your people,your loved ones, who have made you and you can mend the few broken ones.

A simple recipe to reduce the number of heart attacks, depression, anger and frustration break outs. Be the best version of yourself and spread love and kindness. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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