Diwali spreads a special happiness!

It is festive season. The festival of lights knocks at the wonderfully decorated doors of every family. It is a tradition to make sweets and snacks during this time. The exteriors of houses are illuminating with colorful lights and diyas. Breath taking Rangoli designs are made of dry colors on entrances. It gets a bit cold and windy during nights these days. But, it is the best time families look forward too when they make time to meet and greet their loved ones.

Just when I walked out in my balcony to get a view, I saw a little girl standing with a single diya in her hand, looking up in search for some kind of help. She didn’t said anything, but kept staring at the doors and windows so that someone notices her. I walked down and opened the door. I sat down and asked her what happened to her and if I could be of some help. She said, “I live two blocks from here. My house is very small. And unlike yours, only one diya can light my small house. So can you light it for me please?”

I lighted the diya and asked her to walk slow so that the oil doesn’t spills out and that she should cover the diya so it doesn’t get blown off by the wind. The moment I handed her the diya, I saw her face lit up with joy. It is inexpressible. She smiled and moved just two steps then turned around, she saw me standing at the gate and she smiled again.

I was still standing on my gate to see that she walks safely and at the turn I saw the diya went off by the wind. I understood where her house would be and thought to light her heart in happiness especially when it is the festival of lights. It took me fifteen minutes to come back from market and I got a gift for her. A couple of Aadivasi families reside some two blocks from my house. Actually they have formed a community and they are living here since years. There is nothing like family planning in such families, so searching that one little girl that too after dawn proved to be a nice treasure hunt for me. But rather she found me. I went close to her and said Happy Diwali and handed her the gift. Just that very moment her parents came out. They got frightened as they thought she might have done something wrong. I calmed them down and said, ” I understand every child wants her house to look the best. Their house should lit up and from a distance you can easily recognize the house. And her desire is not at all wrong. I’ve brought her this gift only to help her decorate her house and feel happy about it.”

I know a lot of us believe in giving our old clothes or the remaining food or fruits to them. But at times the definition of a necessity especially in the heart of a child gets a different meaning. The parents work and earn to feed their children but what is required at that moment to celebrate the festival is the only necessity and luxury for that little girl.

I only tried to give her the richness to own a luxury with that simple lamp which would always keep the goodness of humanity and hope alive in her heart forever.

A very Happy Diwali to All!


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