The tough gets going…

Raised by her grandparents since she was few months old, Sian grew up with her grandma & grandpa with utmost love & care. The reason what she heard was that her father had Migraine & being an infant involves sleepless nights, crying, & irritability in a child in the due course of child’s growth. And in Migraine that severe headache demanded silent & no disturbance sleep. And as they say the person who helped you grow becomes your parent by heart & soul, it went likewise for her. Sian felt more protected, more kind & more acceptable for who she is rather than someone who was being judged at every step.

Since her grandparents passed she never felt acceptable, protected or even loved. The rude & selfish behavior of her blood relations neither allowed her to live peacefully but only wanted her to get married so that they can at least get some peace for themselves and concentrate on their routine life. The burden of being at home and in such a stressful environment where no one ever talked to her about anything other than marriage forced her to always keep working. That was something against her father’s prestige and he felt less honored because his daughter works out to earn some peace for herself and that she is happy. Though she had no support system from family or anyone she still kept strong to earn her living probably to pay back to her family & until then find a house for herself.

Her father was a businessman & respected money above relations and she could never ever be like her father, as she valued and respected relationships a lot. Though she had been betrayed by and stabbed by some of her very dear friends. But, life lessons are learnt the hard way. Being a daughter, she took all the ill-words of her father, his actions, the nature of her sisters towards her and brother was more like a father’s shadow. Nothing can be said for others in the joint family when you are so looked down upon. The difference between the behavior of her sisters & brother was, the former was sweeter to show you your place in their lives than the latter.

How much she is being affected by her family’s behavior, only she knows in her heart. Life is difficult for a girl but she is getting tougher for her life. She is what her blood relations made her. Probably she has forgotten if she was taught the right definitions of family, siblings or even friends. Her family has made her living tough & her existence even tougher. Fighting with the world is always easy but with people who call themselves your own is the hardest part she might be going through.

Rightly said, “When life gets tough, the tough gets going.”


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