Will marriage be able to rescue?

The question raised was you won’t have anyone to talk to when you return back from work? Your parents will get old, your sisters will get married, family issues will loosen the ties & shake the bond with cousins, the way you are right now & the way you write at present eventually would change & life will take a 360 degree turn. What kind of a decision is that of not getting married?

Hearing the same things all the time from everyone in the family of 15 people young or old definitely cracks your brain into half. If I ask are we born only to get married at a right or suitable age, then have kids & the same chores for life?? The answer I get is coming from the community you belong to girls should be in the kitchen & the man should earn the bread for his family. And also that girls don’t have as much strength as boys. But, it is perfectly fine if the guy allows you to work after marriage and even then for how long do you think you can work? Two years or at max five, then you’ll plan to have a family & later will get occupied with kids & household. We understand that you like to work. Experience & exposure in the practical & technologically driven world is also essential. But, which parent would ever like that their daughter doesn’t even have a minute spare to talk to her parents & that she only makes a sandwich out of herself running between work & office. Every father wants her daughter to live a queen size life. Allow the man to earn the bread butter & you simply enjoy by giving orders to your servants to cook whatever you wanna eat, spend his hard earned money on shopping & go out on trips. As being a home maker is definitely a great role, I never doubt that.

Elders of the house don’t wanna understand that my heart is not into this sacred relationship of marriage. Given how 21st century relationships have become, I think by force, even if I agree to get married, I might ruin an innocent’s life & probably after that I won’t even have my own family to turn to. Well, if anyone in the family, society & the world feels that staying Single is a curse, I still feel ruining my own life is the best choice I can make. Atleast nobody but I am to some loss. Probably loss of having someone to talk to as all my sisters would get happily married, loss of having true friends who have their own life & family to look after, loss of having some known faces or names in my life, loss of support from the family you are born in, loss & lack of understanding & support from the parents you are born to, & the list is endless.

They think that loss will come after 5 or 10 years from now. I am going through all these losses in my life today & still care to smile when I look in the mirror. I guess the only loss I am not ready for is losing myself. I am my only strength. The only problem is I never choose to fight & going against my own people. I can’t name a single person who knows me for who I am & we are living with eachother since my birth & we call it a family. But, I guess they leave me no choice. If change is the only constant, it better late than never to understand that if ever their comes a day I find someone to talk to for the rest of my life, I’ll make him stand in front of you. But your treatment for not acceptance of who I am today is intolerable. I am devoting my time in understanding of self, being & trying hard to be independent for again you don’t show much concern or respect but it is for my own good definitely not you. So, stop what little bits of real care & concern you might have as parents & stop wearing society spectacles for your child’s future & life. You are not just belittling the relationship with your daughter but rather destroying it. You are destroying the so called healthy father-daughter bond which you could have had someday for something which is not existing in both of your lives.


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