If Only…

I don’t understand if I’ve ever had a choice,
To taste the slice of pie or trash it from my sight,
The bitter, the sweet, the sour it is,
If only on my instincts I could rely.

I don’t know what the fifth wall outside hears,
All that you said has carved in me some fears,
I don’t want anyone to decide on my fate,
What if waiting for a miracle also proves a time waste.

Don’t push me back, when I can lead,
I’ll crawl but will fulfill all my zenith needs,
Never will I complain or curse, for I am a daughter,
If only you knew what a blessing you were offered.

I don’t wanna be harsh, as I can be your softest touch,
I won’t ever step back, when you need the warmest hug,
You are the symbol as to how their conduct should be,
Don’t make it feel lifeless, the life you gave to me.


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