Freedom, a seven of something,
An honor to be felt by all,
Spirit of patriotism ignites in us,
Just one day & the next day its gone.

In a nutshell if I define it,
Or reconstruct the whole idea of it,
Fortunate are those who really feel it,
A real treasure never belittle it.

Think, discuss & get approved of things,
Risk is to business, life is not to be traded in the same wing,
What you hear on face, value its future context,
You alone are the answer when your life is at stake.

A lot needs to be liberated in this world,
Nothing less than great, gears up your topic of talks,
Are we rightful or we are doomed but not free,
Give it your meaning & be firm on it.

The wounds that bleed & the dried scars weep,
Dreaming of that freedom, await its heal,
Smiles of hope, brotherhood & peaceful souls,
Forever receive the happiness they seek.


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