The Unnoticed Remembrance…

Spinning, Whirling, Twisting & Turning,
Upside down, going round and round,
My zig-zag veins & my thumping head,
For how long these thoughts will buzz around.

That unnoticed remembrance, your unforgettable voice,
Your unending innocent questions, the quest which never dies,
I’ve a lot to whisper, a lot to hear too,
Here me out loud & clear,
My love for you will stay here forever.

Such is the innocence & the love in your eyes,
The strength with which you hold back.
The expressions which I’ve come across,
Says about a million things that have gone-by.

The pearl in the shell, Silent and elegant,
The smile of a child & those adoring ways,
The serenity of nature that you bestow,
Has made You my man & none can deny.


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