We knew we call them friends,
But only a special someone gives meaning to it,
We have a pleasant feeling attached with it,
And two wonderful people to embrace it.

It never seemed so important to me,
Until you joined the league with me,
The best & the most cherished of all,
Is the bond we share like none at all.

You are my smile, my naughty wink,
My plummy friend with a rummy hint,
A tight slap, a comforting pat,
Who has always been through thick & thin.

A scolding for all the delayed things,
A make up talk when no one’s in,
A surprise hug to boost it up,
Friendship like ours never sucks.

Your teasing, bullying, taking others side,
A hint of irritation that you notice in an eye,
Wrapping me tight & making me believe,
Nothing ever can come between Me & thee.


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