Remembered for what went overlooked

Before I left my first school & moved to another I was only known for how good I was in track & field events. And then I was known for how well I could sing. I’ve always connected with music ever since I was very young. While I was in my 8th grade my band teacher Mr. Khan asked me to recite a patriotic note. I was not at all serious about what is he trying to figure out but I simply sang couple of lines & he said, come with me to your Music teacher.

And my Music teacher gave a key and asked me to recite along with him. It was Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa on different scales. While we did that Mr. Khan said, ‘She will bring glory to the school’ 🙂 And since then I earned a place in my school Choir group. We bagged 1st position in a lot of group Music competitions for our school.

This was in the year 2000-2004. After I completed school I never sang much. Though I love to try my hand on various music instruments & I also have like on Guitar, Synthesizer, Congo & Drums. But always been an amateur. I can try & get notes on synthesizer & love to play on the table instead of Tabla 🙂 Even that brings happiness & peace to my soul. But after I lost my music teacher Mr. Gawde I lost that voice which was once appreciated for taking the higher notes.

As time passes by, we move along the trail. And today while I was in a theatre to watch this movie ‘Inside Out’, it was for the first time ever that I’d been very excited for a movie as I was going alone. But I wasn’t alone. In our school choir group there was a guy, who used to play flute. He had come along with his sister & they had a seat just next to me. While we all were being entertained with pre-movie commercials he said you are Seema, Seema Kataria. I said yes, Do you know me? Coz I didn’t had a slight idea of who he was. I simply coudn’t recognize him. I felt a bit disconcert. But like I said so much changes in the appearance that walking down that memory lane again is pretty much hazy. And what he remembered me for was, my singing. Those days were golden days for me & I’ve spent the most happiest years of my life in school. Now I’ve forgotten to reconnect with those memories often. And moreover when he asked that, Do I still practice singing? All I could do was nod my head saying no with a smile 🙂


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