First person that comes to your mind is…?

Now-a-days we all behave like matures all the time. Be it your colleagues that you go dinner with? Your family reunion? Meeting your old school gang, when once we used to be ridiculously crazy at doing stuff & now behave decently as everyone brings their wives along & some also their kids šŸ™‚ Earlier those jokes made you laugh out so loud that even the person sitting next to your table can spit water from their mouth. And now everything is carried out in whispers and Shhhhhss.

Life changes, and as we mature, these changes are prominent in our behavior. But still somethings do not change. I guess they simply aren’t meant to be. Do you remember the first person who you’d call in all excitement while you score a 80-90% in your 10th or 12th grade? Do you remember that friend who called in a rush to ask for help because he got caught without a driver’s license? Or that friend you call in the middle of the night & cry because she dumped you & he/she consoles you saying, she was a bitch dude, her best friend is so hot, and brings you back in the game. The first appointment letter? The first salary? When you plan to get engaged? When you get sick? Your plans to throw a surprise party? and the list is endless…

Well, as we move on in our lives that person’s place in our hearts becomes firm. We choose that person as someone who is our inspiration, a motivator, a mentor & at times even a role model. That person once in a while should rightfully know how special they are & what place they hold. He/she is someone who should not just know what and when you achieve but also why & what is the reason that they are the only ones who are needed at that point of time to fill that moment & make it more joyous & memorable. It would not just bring a smile or a tear in their eye but also a lifetime of memory that you both will cherish for years to come. Call them, write a note, send a message or visit them this weekend and celebrate their presence that makes them special for you.


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